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Testimonials of our courses, so far.

Very helpful and has made me feel much more comfortable with emergency VAD situations. Thank you!

Thank you so much! It was an amazing day & has put me at ease while working on the wards.

 I appreciated the open environment and non-judgemental space to go through worries and concerns.

Very reassuring to know that once the device tells you what needs to be corrected that it gives one a bit more time to thoroughly assess

A B C D E to resolve the problem.

The emergency simulations were useful because it allows you to think through the algorithm and see how you would work through issues encountered with LVAD patients.

Emergency simulation, gave a structured and systematic approach to dealing with emergency situations with LVAD patients.

I really liked the ventricular assist device lecture and the hands on training with the VADs.

Very reassuring that this is in place.

Great job, this is so needed! Thank you for all your work!

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